In 2003 After Anna Adonu Reynolds then “Anna Reynolds” (for google search) signed on for several tours with Jeanette Biedermann   Kuba & Universal music. Rehearsals  and on the road and more touring all year round, But never the less with every weekend break back home she’d take some time to record new demos. And write new tracks month in moth out. Also the action didn't stop there  with backing but she also still rehearsed with her own band doing  her own shows showcasing her own written songs as well little samples below but you can find millions of videos of the tours and  concerts of Anna online. 

In 2005 (despite and next 2 all the touring jobs) she also was vocal coach and judge in the tv show forming us 5  called big in america.

In November 2003 when the  released  4th studio album “Break on Through”, which was certified Platinum. The album’s lead single “Rockin’ on Heaven’s Floor” peaked at #3 on the German singles Chart and at #6 in Austria and Switzerland. In spring 2004  Jeanette Biedermann and the band with incl. Anna A. Reynolds did start her biggest tour to date - “Break on Through”. The second single “No Eternity” peaked at #8 on the German singles Chart, also In Austria and Switzerland. One couldn’t speak of a coincidence as the new voice enforcement was brought in 

purposely to further the vocal reach of the live shows and it’s visical appeal with live backing vocals that were on point. That was the aim. and the new enforcement's delivered. For the teamwork and effort to push the envelop each band member also received a gold record with their own name ingrained during the tour in switserland. Anna Adonu Reynolds was on every tour tv show radio show booked for the promotion of this records tour. Awards

Bis in die Spitzen is a German TV-Series (2005), created based on the english BBC-Serie Cutting It, which was shown on Sat.1. the Series was shown mondays 21.15. Repeated on sixx the song no gravity written & composed by Anna Reynolds  title track  "no gravity"in collaboration with inchilla which was featured as not only the title songs but theme song sweeping thru out the series instrumental, or with the leading vocals also sang by Miss A. Reynolds. This title“"No Gravity " which was her first and only opportunity presented with a job to write for a tv show  and shine in this field, was awarded with the Eyes and Ears of Europe Award 2006.