In previous parts of  Anna Adonu Reynolds bios integrated in this page you already get to read that she grew up in the Netherlands and was born in Ghana. After landing a big publishing deal as a song writer with EMI publishing & Turbo beat she moved to Germany on their request to be closer to the working teams they promised to team her up with for bigger projects to come. But naturally  as a young lady that never lived in this part of Europe before and didn't speak any German as she arrived around 2000. But despite her very busy schedule 5 years after her Germany was getting better and better and slow but sure she started testing the waters of writing songs also in german, and surprisingly even for most german writers on a level that supposes the normal standard in that range of art form. Watch  a show and interview and pictures about this and other developments from 2006-2008 bellow.

The first German songs by Anna Adonu Reynolds  show debut  presented in Spindler & Klatt for & with friends. On Anna's 26'th B-day.

Interview with flasher- sebastian Hopfgarten

in 2007/2008  Anna A. Reynolds joined another formation and next to  the already existing tour with  Jean Biederman and that band & her own tour she also went on the road with this act, all the while writing new material of course samples above.. 

Comming soon