Leading up to 2008-2009 the projects she had been part of all started going in different directions & so did she, with her own, "now very often duplicated style" & team she released her own music in a small working formation with additional partners calles "missbizz creative network" a group which later on resolved. Out of the ashes of that arose Missalpha Alphabetix which is the alter ego and label name  of Anna A. Reynolds DJMISSALPHA  where she releases her own music thru. 

• Released Mar 26,2007: No Gravity – Single Anna Reynolds & Inchilla
• Released Sep 28 2007:Single Sonnenschein
• Released Jan 06, 2009 Single- Konträr
• Released Jan 09, 2009 EP-Konträr
• Released May 15, 2009 EP-Lust Auf Liebe
• Released May 29, 2009 EP- Bra My Way
• ReleasedOct 23, 2009 Single-Single
• Released Nov 06, 2009 EP-Android girl
• Released Jan 22, 2010 Ep Electrofying Soulsister

Recap Info:
One thing all Anna Reynolds music has in common is Variation
• Realeasing 4 Ep suites in less then a year Now Following with a LP
• Coming 2011 the album completing the first part of the Neobiota Series, Anna Reynolds is one of the only other artist who has achieved That 
• Kind of output Like Jay Z himself (Though Independently less Ampire state of mind more self-made woman. All Ep’s have around 6 tracks, that which most artist doing the same type of continuence projects such as Robyn and more sell as small Album, Still though this lady is Fresh own style releasing her own music. She has been a part of the music game / industry , coaching and writing for others for many years.

This creative, gifted lady is not an ordinary musician, she is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, delivers a hot vocal catchy hooks and a cool rap-flow like only the most creative man ((“N.E.R.D”) in the game can and do. Beautiful, talented, down to earth and a style icon in the making, Anna Reynolds is going Stellar. Her music is ‘relevant’ and ‘now’. Moving forward thru going back in time and drawing more inspiration from the past both musically and visually by developing her melodic crossover of electro sounds, with accents of punk, 80’s new wave and soul to a new level. Her catchy tunes deliverer lyrics that are straight reflections of our times.
“I find it hard to write songs about nothing,” Anna Reynolds says. “I try to write songs that are relevant to my life, my thought’s, my generation and my time - which usually is weird and surreal - yet also universal. 

• Find more about Neobiota on the Official Homepage: www.2009-2010.anna-reynolds.com