Making of above feb. 2009 , but 2008 Was the Official beginning of neobiota, the ep project that was going to go on 4 several years more releasing 4 ep  series & Fabrics of my soul. The series recorded by the duo productions & writing composing by Anna Adonu Reynolds.  Lp & Fabrics of my soul a project of Dj miss alpha solo. 

The first video and song released of the projects was Konträr for which this music video idea & additional edit came from Anna A. Reynolds the works was created  & Directed by By Lennart Brede In collaboration With Sebastian Hopfgarten & Friends for Missbizz creative network consisting of Stefan Hopfgarten, Ceo Anna A. Reynolds herself & Fabian smith production partner till 2010.

Tune mite miss buzz creative network songwriting duo 2000-2009