2015 currently working on several projects, not only concerning music, doing & music in fact are not main priority. recording studio album in Africa/ Ghana over the course of the next 2 years in a gradual process. Parralel to my other ongoing projects.


"DJ" Missalpha

Songwriter  Composer Producer 

When did I become “DJ” missalpha producer mc “moderator” next to the already very impressive, interesting “multi person” .

I was proud to be able to display years before this next transaction adding yet a new craft to be master to my set of trades, “singer songwriter composer, dancer  choreograph , designer filmmaker photographer, stylist “video vixen” actress project manager poet and al the necessary between the lines to maintain in the world of entertainment. Producing and DJing is another outlet and at the same time inspiration to writing music, underlining actually that which is and always has been my main strength. I started writing music around 1994 around the age of 14 and have stuck with it thru the highs the lows the thicks and the thins of money making seasons in this industry. writing is more then a job, it is and has always been a passion, something I do regardless the payment, which is the reason I have a library of many many unheard demos ranging in the most different styles and genres written composes & already produced or layer out. with this page I also want to make people aware of that since it is the one aspect of what I do that has taken a place in the backseat in the years I spend allot of time on stages doing shows. Currently I do not have an agent pitching my written material, but I am always interested in serious representation in that direction with the enfasis on serious. Finding those songs projects to support as well as my future material which is not written for me personally as an artist. For interest to get a listen of those songs contact the mails integrated in this page or follow the blog updates on that. 


Bis in die Spitzen is a German TV-Series (2005), created based on the english BBC-Serie Cutting It, which was shown on Sat.1. the Series was shown mondays 21.15. Repeated on sixx the song no gravity written & composed by Anna Reynolds  title track  "no gravity"in collaboration with inchilla which was featured as not only the title songs but theme song sweeping thru out the series instrumental, or with the leading vocals also sang by Miss A. Reynolds. This title“"No Gravity " which was her first and only opportunity presented with a job to write for a tv show  and shine in this field, was awarded with the Eyes and Ears of Europe Award 2006. Which goes to show that the accuracy and craft in conviction in miss Reynolds craft when presented with a specific task and project to write for is underlined with not only talent but professional know how. Simply put she get’s the job done. The lack of prizes over the years in this field and others, is not do to her lack in skill but rather cause of non proper representation in this field so far. No agent delivering her work to the wright projects if any or pitching her for collaborations in this direction.



Mail: cmissbizz@rocketmail.com 

Number Berlin : +49 (0) 15783596926


Number Ghana: +233 (0) 268549203