It was a natural impact 1993 From glee to me

The long Journey to now

Instead of just a short bio the best look into “who I am artistically “ professionally and more we are going to go on a journey together. I be sharing stories of things going on, things that inspire and the road ahead, reporting on ideas that I follow up on, and those that get cancelled, all in all not all but most of it. It’s 2015 and the initial plans for karma loop have changed, so new direction. The location we working from Africa / berlin / Uk / Netherlands for now, let’s see what else comes up and takes up places, but first… now here we’re gonna take it backwards and come back till now each time I get a small chance to blog a reminiscent post following the next. meaning we start the journey in Rotterdam 1995 where it all started for me around the age of 15.

To be honest which singer today in this world  from Rotterdam to new york or any other place wasn't sort of a glee in school days before finding their own way to do what ever it is they do creatively and artistically in music today, Unless the late bloomers, but for me it's a typical glee story without the slusshies in my face in the hall way, actually the glees in my school in my day weren't that uncool. My first experience in singing was on a school stage after the best singing kids in glass were placed in a club in which I " Anna A. Reynolds" was appointed as the project manager for planning shows for school event and parties. My elementary school teacher loved music and history, though history didn't have no big effect on me except from the fact that i'm dipping into my own early beginning and the history to my journey, I rather loved music. But it was not until a show about recycling in which I took the lead role of a song called "good times bad times" "GTST" in the Netherlands that I myself discovered i was gifted so much so that when standing in front of an audience and performing they did not take their eyes of me for one second till I was thru, and then a bursting standing ovation. I knew nothing about technique then. But everything about singing and making it sound effortless real and beautiful.

All that was around age 13, 2 years later around age 15 with not much knowledge but lots of passion and on the way to ambition, I started writing, first for personal reasons, dealing with puppetry and the pressures of it, but then it was for music and about making it, the tippical small town girls on to big city dreams. See some might wonder, what pressures not realising what they know now, that I was born in Africa , Ghana, Tema community nine and one was where I resided after entering the world in Accra. The story of natural impact and how it came to be though was no fairytale. It was a journey of hard work persistence and never taking no for an answer, with the sharp tongue that I later on drew fans to me like flies on “the shit” I swept in where ever I went made heads spin and not only got my foot in the door for people to take notes of my band, but I left and impression.Something i’ve not focussed to much on the last years as I was on a different path in life returning tony roots and getting a renewed sense of home after a life of only knowing how it feels to be and immigrant in europe and always having to try and work double as hard as everybody else to get half the chance cause of skin colour and all the above!  No this is not a pity me party story but it’s the reality aspect of all that many simply don’t know and never did cause I also from an early age on not only had the gift to shine as I entertained with my gifts, but also the gift to blend in whenever that was demanded of me, I spoke the language Dutch, very soon after we left Ghana. 

Speaking Dutch fluently and being charming with it, while having english as my mother language in which I wrote songs many adults in the Netherlands at that time were having a hard time trying to write to meet the international market, But thereI was, I just did it, wrote words added melodies to it it looked like child play but the results were the greatest songs they ever heard. After many years of me working in a studio in Amsterdam shortly after 15 when I started writing and trying out stuff on my old atari computer with a couple of integrated beats and recording mode, I more and more came to see the high level of my skill, while still going to school working several jobs to help out, hair, newspaper rounds whatever. Though I spend most of my time in that studio writing new tracks and recording it, rayvano studios Amsterdam, I slowly started to feel that was the only place I was. So  I did some shows with my elder sister supporting with backing vocals in spots such as timeless Amsterdam and R&B club and more. During that time I was also teaching a dance group a project i to had set up from scratch called natural impact feat. 8 boys and 8 girls all before the age of 18, Some of that group is featured in the music video of don’t you even try, But that was not all we did, like in elementary school I still had the flair for the dramatic show. I led the act whit assistance of my mom and sisters costume design to do shows wherever a groundbreaking dance act was needed, Office parties club openings  everything. During and after all this pushing thru studio session, school, side jobs, internship preparation efforts that came in the form of dancing and also taking care of busyness, sending demos to every studio and label open to sign new artist. It was that sending of demos which I did deligiously that led to being discovered in a new studio that took a chance on me and my band, and soon after introduction visiting that studio and show casing my songwriting skills and voice, they invited me to come back with all the girls involved which at that time were two more. In total 4 girls, we went to the studio recorded the track don’t you even try and the rest is history, 4 years after me the Glee started my first hand in music I was getting signed in 1997 around the age of 17.


More on taking you back in time the story on me coming soon keep tuning in.