First of this first piece is called from the road..cause some days we are just out of time. And even when we are out of time we gotta eat healthy specially if the intention is to eat healthy for a purpose as I am doing now the coming 60 to 90 days. So what exactly am I doing the next months why eating healthy matters, I'll go into that in a second, as I am also eating now as I write. So many ask themselves the question, when detoxing skating or whatever you wanna call it, They as is it aloud to eat outside??? many people when dieting stress themselves allot with these crazy diet food packages and things one can't enjoy so let me make very clear first and foremost. I'm not gonna lie and tell you oh go eat candy all day and drink coke and all will work out, cos that's a load of crap. What many don't know is that the body actually literally needs the wright vitamins and supplements in the body in order to not turn sugars and other things you eat into fat in your body. you gotta eat healthy. But who said that eating healthy can't be fun. Hallloooooo wake up, you live in 2015 everything can be fun it only depends on you and how you go about it! Meaning you can eat all this out and in.. cos it's not about who cooked it only it's more about what's in it. And as you see both these dinner have chillies in them I happen to love them but they are also good for burning fat over the time as we go more into all this I will specifically not down certain foods that literally burn fat in the body or reduce it's production chilies are one of them. Other healthy things on my menu here are white meets. like chicken.. the sushi up cause salmon is very healthy specially when eater how it's prepared like that . Give me a second to gather my thoughts and then I'll proceed bellow.


So directly bellow I'm showing you what not to do first. as you look in my fridge you see all my fav. things with which I have been collecting body fat by eating them the last weeks in just 4 weeks I've managed to gain like 3 kilos of body mass & fat exactly around the stomach area which obviously was not there in my bikini pictures wright before I left ghana just weeks before ! So you see how fast fat can attach itself to the body. look in my bad fridge habits well I'll take you thru the details of all bad foods and next time when I have cleaned all this out I'll show you my fridge again so you can see what not to do, and what to do!!! Cause ones the food is there if it's in your house your definitely gonna eat it. So the point is not to bring it in your house from the store to begin with. And only bring those foods you know won't harm you if you eat them well portioned! As you see my dinner portion for today is pretty huge. The reason why “?” well that’s how you gotta eat if you are eating correct & make sure you have only 3 supper a day or two. Breakfast lunch & dinner & after dinner which is a bit late now to have (but being that i sleep late it’s in the same relation” as if I woke early and will sleep early the point is the ours between your last supper and the time you sleep & then again the time you wake & all over again the next day. See normally If I don’t check my eating habit & Eat all those bad foods in the fridge. I make the mistake which in this case is intentional as I was resting & letting myself go a bit. But after each meal the body needs time to process so that which i do which is wrong, snacking all day instead of eating 3 steady good meals, that is one of the biggest cosses for fast fat gain. Cause when I do snack allot I don’t even eat much, & i usually have a hard time finishing my dinner which i don’t know. because I’m not snacking & instead of fat gaining foods my body gets time to process the correct vitamin rich foods I take in! More below and then I’ll go into some love matters shortly today as we have spoken so much of food already! 

Great alternatives for juices one can purchase in stores, are also self made mixes of water honey & fruits & spices such as ginger or even chilies all spices one can use to make very interesting & healthy juices & tea's & it's very very important to drink lots of water anyhow like when you get hungry between meals drink instead of snacking it's filling and will prevent you from relapsing to bad snacks green tees are also fat burners so instead of coffee & stick to that!

So on what not to do we've been clear. And this might inspire you and instantly make ya wanna clean out your fridge, but relax cause stressing yourself alone is a fat creator. Mentally stressing yourself is the most unhealthy thing you can do to your body that's why i hate people who stress me so much! But why you shouldn't stress about food before you get to the healthy stuff is because that stress in itself is bad for you. You see though I knew clearly I was going to do this " payback back to six-pack & taking it all back" session i intentionally also didn't prepare my fridge to be perfect by the time I start to show you that even when you buy bad foods there is always something good in there u can use up before you go out and specifically shop for all this. cause the day you start can be very spontaneous we are after all inspired humans who do things based on inspiration then try to hold on to them thru discipline After those facts. 

So apart from chockolate mouse & other things like  sweets and Fanta, coke & sirups salami just allot of junk including these kind of juices from the normal supermarket where they show pics of fruits on them but when you read on the pack what’s actually in them it’s allot of undefined “e” ‘s meaning crap. Cause if it ain’t crap the pack just speciafies which fruit exstract and water and sugar the juice consist of! Not every juice that seems like it’s healthy is healthy, you gotta actually read on the pack something which I hate. but if you hate it to avoid to much reading and go to a bio shop! there most products are actually what the appear to be when looking on the pack! But don’t be fooled it’s not always the case! 

So what was in my fridge that I could use on the spur of the moment as I started unprepared. Well there was white meet chicken in the fridge and frozen spinach there was some salads which I mixed with paprika. I fried the chicken cut in stripes with some chilli and ginger sauce and salt after i cut the chilies and put the chicken in it to soke a bit in its chilli water sauce mixed with salt. then I started to fry them poring the chicken in good olive oil. As it “the chicken” fried took them out of the pan and put the spinach in the pan which had the chicken residue & chilies in it I added onions to the greens and this meal went without rice or anything! you will notice after eating this you’ll be detoxing “ as in shitting pretty fast if not farthing”! Ok look below  & lets not say that I’m fat yet, but if one can keep up that bad diet for a year yes one will be fat as a house after that.

So below you see pics of me from gh where I get allot of movement. regardless of the foods I eat or down't In Europe we have the sir of life where vesicle movement isn't always needed in our daily routine.But as you look from weeks ago to the last pics below the last 4 which are in berlin you notice the big difference after weeks of a bad diet even my skin in the face looks more or less radiant it's not only the sun although that matters allot. A bad diet can also make you skin look pail & uglier . We shall proceed with the love matter below after the pics of berlin. Anyhow its very easy to reverse the clock on own induced ageing thru bad foods by just simply returning to a good routine & diet. And with diet I don't mean hunger yourself. I mean eat well correct and timing. But we will go more into that in detail the next weeks as we role out these matter of the head & heart. 

Wright now I’m enjoying my self made tea & was checking if the last ep’s of game of thrones were added as we await the finals today the 7th but let me tell you how the tea is made before we go into my loves-kapades which got me down this path of payback getting my six-pack back etc. 

The tea for just one cup. you need three strawberries cut them in the cup  then 2 or 3 slices of lemon & ginger cut in pieces incl honey. or good brown sugar. and that’s it this tea will heighten your vitamin levals causing your hungry moods to go down & is healthy. 

Now the last matter after I put a cup of tea as I notice the huge dinner has already gone down & I'm sort of hungry again,  but rather just in a snack mood cause I’m writing, writing or working behind the computer always gets me in a snacking mood. I think generally work that makes ya have to sit allot gets one to think of food more. 

You know how when you have sex you wanna like flip  and turn and all that, well not only that cos I’m mobile enough, but I’m the type of woman who gets off on my man getting off  on me, that means if my man is literally getting orgasmic by just even starring at me cos he is struck by my hotness... then we don’t need to work hard to take it to some screaming "oh oh oh yes"  levels. now if you ain’t 18 yet you didn’t see thy above wright? 

Well I been having some sexy-pades the last month but honestly what I’m looking for is a man for life my mister wright my “we power couple” But it wasn’t working out like that so I said to myself fuck that I’m gonna focus on me and putting the hot in it like undeniable again. Not that i’m not hot already I mean I gets busy. But we ain’t talking about thy obvious the face etc etc. no I’m talking bout the abs the ass the everything that swings in thy air when love & lust are in thy air! “you feeling me” My health has always been important to me but my sex life is really important to me when I am having sex. and don’t worry I also sometimes do sex detox meaning no sex for months or years, but currently I am in a sexual place. Looking for a man that wants and can handle all of this and then some cause my personality ain’t a small one to handle. Anyhow lets stick on the facts of yesterday and today, reason why I ended up detoxing in the morning. was cause I was out  & when  I was,  I met this guy with the hottest tattoos & he could really be it, though we both ain't n no hurry to be rushing "inlovidovy" emotions....despite sparks flying. cause we had a whole lot of other emotions. He had me going over and telling him to his face, to put down the phone and focus on me cause I was feeling that  for real.  After i was in the club a while and had some small flirts with taller baller guys who got to talking to me but to my taste seemed a bit distracted  and other people who seemed really into me & doing all in their power to show that to me, but didn't have the total package to my liking like dat but .... then   this felly suddenly showed up he wast in the club before cos I WOULD HAVE NOTEST then he cos my eye... standing there unaware of me undressing him down to just him with this sexy smile & the tattoos with my eyes. now I’m not gonna go into to many details on how we got down & dirty after the sparks flew ... after that first moment...but em all I can say is he can do me for a long time if he got it like that I’m in. & I don't mean a replica ppl  so don't get any ideas now concerning stalking me with short guys & such. you can't exchange the chemistry I have with this person with anther....& In life it’s not always about differences sometimes it’s only about what ya got in common not what you ain’t got in common.. ( & with sometimes I mean as an exception this time ...no other time unless I specifically say so) I think we stand a chance cos when, what you got in common matters more " like in this case"  your mutual focus gets push forward eventually being together call it love call it whatever its destiny when it just is now ain’t it! Anyhow this is to be continued cos for now we making moves to get closer but I can’t go into that now till we see how it all goes. & maybe next time i'd be able to share pics of him & me & our body contrasts hitting the light on one pic with all them tattoos.

Above a small sample of his body , & below the look of the night in question ... where the sparks flew!

And for today I'm out so until the next time head & heart matters  2 ... laters! Gotta go sleep tight!