The next head & heart matters was intended on sunday the 21st but as I currently have more time while preparing to travel back to gh I'll add an exstra addition on sunday the 14th. 

It's just Monday the 8th 2015 shortly after the weekend of the 5th & 6th. But after a very odd conversation with my new love interest. where I kindly asked if he'd be interested to travel. He shortly  after calling me back told me after not responding to that which I asked really , that he was going on vacation himself, and never cared to ask me, this is how ungentle-man-like man are these days we live in 2015 that's why I am better off not caring about any. I then decided to take a leave and travel to holland from where I'd intended to do the next piece on traveling & still eating healthy in the same week of his departure to see my family & move my fertility egg freezing appointment which would fall exactly in those days 12/13 for one week. As all these matters take a tole on my head and heart I just had the sudden urge that sitting in a fertility centre might not be where I want to be the next days.

So you see the next piece is called for naturally unforged nor forced naturally inspired by life! so I intended to visit my mom who I haven't seen since she visited me in Ghana and caused a mayhem as all mothers do. But after I booked my flight & called her she never picked the phone, despite that  I have my keys, I still had the feeling that I don't have the interest to go any place where weird things occur currently.

But then this morning on the 9th of June as I called to cancel the flight, they told me that even if I cancel the flight I shall not receive any money back except some small taxes, So though I'm totally out of the groove & lost my spunk & inspiration to want to travel to the Netherlands & see my dog & some people, I left the option open, and should i make everything on time I shall simple proceed as planned & go to Rotterdam. After all I'm an adult now and can afford hotels, should it all be to stressful for me @my moms. 

Though I heard nothing of them again I can't cancel the ticket, so allot of stress because my passport is still at the embassy and on such short notice the flight to holland I'll have to pick it up on the day I'm flying which is the day I was meant to pick up my visa anyhow.Though in light of these short chess moves I made in a day, all is clear It's a step I'll be taking to appease my ever older getting mother, after all parents don't live forever so even if I don't feel like seeing them @times it's all for the best and always important to try to have a good relationship

So I shall be adding additional pieces needed on Sunday & before if needed to keep the flow going!

& then again I also have allot to prepare before I go to Ghana anyhow which is already on the 25th.

Just me & dad!