THIS MORNING Well this morning I got up after a long good rest still feeling attacked from the allergies. But I managed best I could and did a 20 minute work out for the abs, after that I took my shower I had eaten prior. So I then only needed to get dressed and leave the house. with the dog which I walked for some time & then after that I got in and looked for what we eat, then I Prepared fro head & heart all the pictures and stuff and then I  HAD A REALLY GOOD REST AND HERE WE ARE. Before you read this piece and make any illusions that I must still be into you and this goes for anybody I ever dated or tried dating in the past. For me the spark between two people is just that "between two people" I don't do one sided love therefor loos any interest the second I see it's not returned or I'm not treated wright romantically by a person. That can also be the cause why people who mess up in the beginning always run after the facts trying to get my attention. But personally I believe people with the tendency to be successful know what they want also privately in their life and don't need to mess that up before they get it. For that reason and many more I'm not a real believes of love @ 3rd sight. If you really like me its something that is constant and continues from the memento our eyes meet. And if you don't know hat you want in life you need to long to realise that in that case your more like a woman and more like a libra the I am and I'm not interested later. And note don't ask why am I telling the story then "question" how the fuck do you want me to tell the story without actually telling the story??? Exsactly doesn't mean i'm still into some past waste of time!!!

So to start of my piece I want ya'll to realise though I'm a bit on the early side today as we are first to start at nine or around. But I want ya'll to know concerning live blogging as it is live which means in real life things can always happen which delay a process, you know which is normal..like example how as you can see below sometimes I'm still moving images from one phone to the other or to the computer and stuff or taking pics etc etc. you know the technical aspect of all this & also today I'm starting with these 3 sower pickles which I have to eat just now cause I was suffering from a swollen under tongue which is caused by an allergic reaction I had on the way to my aunties place to days ago, cause there were so many trees and stuff there. Well the next day I was flat and it wasn't rather cause of the bike ride but mores cause my body was having a hard time processing all that including the allergy. Anyhow so they say this sower pickle is meant to help the swelling go down and the tongeu which has been since that day to go down, as I also instantly feel a relieve. At first I just felt the pain there in that place but it is only today I noticed that actually swelling as I kept wondering why the pain was still there though I viscidly feel better already since I took a rest. Well so I went and take a look and checked what natural remedy could make this go away and so they say sower pickle. Anyhow to open the topic today I don't just want to talk about food and the diet but also about spiritual attitude one should develop to be able to make it true a process of dieting or eating well better yet, and moving correctly to loose pounds and build muscle if that's what one desires. But in mentioning 3 sower pickles it's save to say now or days it's like many man out there in what ever is left of our dating pool in 2015 are just like these sower picked "sower" !

And so we come to my mental state and how Id have to work overtime to make sure such people with no good intentions didn't manage to brake my spirit down and cause me to fold on this initiative I have take for the next weeks to come.


I'm not having a perfect sitting position as I get ready to write, but ok this isn't my own apartment in berlin or gh Where my writing desk and everything is prepared for me so we take it as it is how ever uncomfortable my mind is on point and my hands are still willing so lets go into what's been up, mental state etc etc. So those who religiously follow my Instagram etc already know the deal, concerning that I was innitially chatting on what's up with an old acquaintance. And the deal was kind of he asked me out on a drink around november december where I was still in ghana and @ that point I just sort of stopped unofficially dating some1 who just wasn't getting serious so do to that I just cut that all together and we became just friends. Well long story short as this guy lets call him matt to keep all things clear, as this guy then asked me out from Berlin I said oh I'm in ghana so maybe rain check, then he said oh why not just get to know each other better kind of, and so I suggested for us to have our first date on Skype, he got a drink and i got a drink we skyped talked and that was the first official date. So after that we stayed in touch, but then what was meant to be a short time before I returned and we could go on a real date turned out to become longer as I had to extend the trip some weeks to take care of some final things which initially even helped me to get this land that I am now proceeding to purchase. So it was very needed this extention at that time.  



just now I have to eat a bite so I'll be gone for  a half our and be back, after eating,  the day started a bit late so all is a bit delayed, and as you wonder well what do my thoughts and food and all that have to do with my head n heart, well we are what we eat do see & feel so I guess to know what is in my head and heart we gotta go into some general details sure we can't cover all on one sunday evening but we can tell it like it is for the time being, wright now I'm eating this below. 

Delicious Quinoa /                                                              Mom & me


But before I leave what i'm eating, my mom cooked Quinoa  veggies added advocate chicken stew  & two bananas or plantain better yet. 

Quinoa is a good gluten-free source of protein, iron, and fiber, quinoa is a quick and flavorful way to get in a serving of whole grains. About the size of pellets of couscous, quinoa cooks in about 20 minutes. The only special handling required with quinoa is to give it a good rinse before cooking; otherwise, the grains can be bitter.


So I know your now all into the juicy detail of this dating story and stuff and ya wanna know how that al proceeds, but I promised so much and also to go into the distances I traveled with the bike and walking so first things first and now your into the intro of this story, we gonna take it from the top what we did today and how backwards all the way back to the day I left berlin which went a bit like this listen so First day .. The day I barely slept when I got to holland, after cleaning and packing in berlin ... Then drove with my bike from ziegelstrasse to Stavanger straße in Berlin Ghana embassy to pick my pass & visa  &  back... I was a bit in a hurry so on the way there I parochially took a cab and put my city cruiser in it. 


But Before I drove to the doctors office in Mitte n had to make a million calls and write mails all under pressure and stress, that I still had to catch a plane... That day I made it all and got on time to check my bags in the stress of flying and all that which comes before. Then I reached my Aunti and Anna and my other niece picked me up from the airport. I got to my moms we all sat drank talked. Then my Aunti dropped us off around kruiskade cause I had to get something there from the shop. From there I walked back which is the distance on this image  "up left " To my moms in kralingen. The next morning I walked back there to & from kruiskade  a total 6 km and it doesn't stop there these are the other distances, but even the day I went to maatenessedijk to sleep at my nieces house the day we went out together, That day I kind of had to walk allot of the entire distance of 5.5 km cause my dog dad del got tired really fast and as he did I had to sort of walk pull him & the bike and the heavy stuff I had with me that day no picnic but all in the name of fit why not. It turned out to be a fun evening despite that work but the next day I biked back the same distance. Then that same evening I drove with my niece on the bike to Barendrecht to visit my uncle and aunt her parents. And I already mentioned before try to make sure you do your movement in coordination of things you have to do anyway or fun but don't only do it as a by force exercise only that can cause your motivation to drop a little bit faster then is needed to keep this up.

I'll go into why brown bread & grains aren't as good as some think it is for fat burning purposes next time help me remember. But generally it isn't a crime to eat foods that are processed a little just avoid eating it allot. Point is whole grains in bread like that are processed to keep that long meaning chemical despite how it's hyped as healthy your body has a hard time processing that into anything else except storing it as fat. More about that next time for today I don't want to go into food to much. I gave one good tip on the food I ate today & it be a bit much to count back on every little thing I ate the last week prior but you can get an image and see there is mostly no bread. Or very less. 

As far as the love story goes two horror stories followed after that 5 month chatting for sort of nothing but the detail of that is, this guy also became a "just friend" cause the thing never climaxed from friendship into a sexual romance witch any sexually active adult will tell you isn't the end goal of a love relationship. Then after I was dating or basically crushing into two other people I met we did climax but the one was burned in the past and doesn't know nor want to commit again, so he said and thy other has children and behaved asif the children were more of a priority then me since the first day & then acted that out by ignoring me period which also isn't what I am looking for in a loving and caring many who always puts me first! So there it is emotionally I did manage all that really well and didn't have any tendency to get to sad despite that one could really conclude that if this is all that is out there for us single ladies then the world is at a very sad state currently. So I didn't want to come here and give ya'll a sobstory & claim I tried everything but so and so. So to add a little spice to this flavour I though I'd add the one element where I can say I tried everything in thy end & at the same time I could kill 2 bees with one stone. What am I talking about well " dating sites" because now or days some guys don't here no, and even if you tell them no your not my type or at this point in life ai'm not dating so or so, or I exspress clearly what type of guy I do wanna date rather then so and so but then in the end only the criterea we ain't into gets on our nerves so it's as good as zero or nothing. Anyhow what I want to do is I personally want to test and see if dating sites really work & two I actually at first only wanted to take the questions one has to answer to state a post about the specifics that certain people look for in a loves cancelling others out meaning if you don't fall in that category for me we don't need to go into why I'm not more hot about you then about some1 who is cause that is what criteria is about and though people and real men don't seem that get that now a days in real life I wonder if it is the same online dating sites & I don't really mean Facebook I mean actual sites. The thing is if I state in a dating site age from 28/45 and some1 writes me who is 58 then I think wtf same as in real life wright. Only in real life it's a little bit more annoying cause such a person can't be deleted by a simple delete button in an email if the interest isn't really thee in real life as a kind person i mostly do my best to be nice about it and let them down easy unless if they become stalkers then there is no other way but to be honest about it! 


but one can only be monogemous ones two have actually really established and verbally agreed to actually really have a love relationship that from that point on is seen as such monogamous one and sadly with the nonsense I been dealing with the last weeks that level was never reached and in other cases not even slightly close gone in that direction to see it ever going there.

I can't get into how specific dating sites are on everything concerning who you are and who you want to be with eventually without filling to much space here but ya'll get the point and everybody who has  ever been on a site like that even as a joke knows how detailed it is personally I would appreciate people in real life to also not waste my time. Like if I state im looking for a serious relationship don't waste my time if your just looking for a one night stand or simply for nothing, At the end of the day that's just like dealing with deff people who only hear what they want to hear. And I'm not into that. I like people who know what they want as I do and try mostly to stay on that course. And so it is that on a dating sight I specify the guys hight gotta be at least starting 188 not to short taller guys aloud and I state they have to be very very cute and attractive by anybodies standards, so if you know you ain't you don't need to bother. I think dating sites give a good example of what people don't understand in real life anymore about a persons preferences or not. As so it is that I indicate what I want and they to show me interest if they are into it. At least so it seems that is clear enough. In real life people often act assif they forgot you stated your only into serious relationships after or while they waste your time wanting something else themselves or having personal emotional issues cause of  some ex assif I am your ex wtf. Anyhow long story short

that's why I call the bust of past weeks no serious but emotionally unavailable guys sower picles they all sower about something but don't even realise it can't be about me cause they have never dated me before so I'd suggest ya'll go put your frustrations on your exes and not on me & let me move on i'm not into sower blaming me for shit of their past I ain't done! So you see despite all this where did I still get the energy from to travel and simply keep going simple, I take life by the day as it comes and I try keeping my spirits up by never blaming myself for other peoples flaws. Anyhow when I get of track then not to much, like for instance one of the people that actually look ok to my standarts on the site lives in Hamburg, well Hamburg is not that far from berlin so that's not a drama point is I'm not interested in starting any unrealistic relationship at this point in my life and any man who is serious about having a serious relationship gets that and feels the same without that I have to explain as much as I had to, to some in Africa, If financially at my age something is to draining one has to consider that very seriously cause fact is life goes faster then we know & is short! And on this note "4 ours live blogging" we are done! So Now I can take the time to add the number of my online date & see where the chatting leads us tommorow or the next days.Till the next time take care of your own head & heart & tune in next time!More info in some days!