" IN A NUTSHELL " Is the piece I intend to write today but as we are dealing with a bit of a slow wifi currently which like takes a half our to upload images I normally upload in minutes in Europe, let me see how things are moving as this slow net connection just started now @ this our we might have to move this live session to the morning before I go get my fit on tomorrow. Allot is going on but in a nutshell I have been managing the most things that need to be done concerning my six back back program, so far I feel good sticking with my fruit shakes gives me allot of energy each day. So I've been on them and on a pretty tight training schedule, not to much nor to stressful but enough to lose all the exstra.

By the way these nuts are pretty healthy for us oddly enough also fat burning and the natural oils it contains is good.  This piece i'm intending to write is called in a nutshell cause I actually wanted to talk about all the things that are good for us, in this case as in me and things that are not. Sometimes I wish in life that it was so easy to say in a nutshell what is good for us or not as is to be said about these peanuts. 

It's pretty easy to say these are good for you, but take training or foods or even relationships . Yeah at some point in life we get so tolerant to many and so intolerant to other stuff and have a list of things we want need etc etc. But sometimes we only get to a part of that. That's why priorities gotta be made. To me currently my main priority is personal happiness, so despite my training and land matters and million other things going o in my life  I naturally do not put my relationship after all those things but in front or on the same leven but never after. In life not balancing your stage of life based on where you are at in your life makes you loose balance and then it becomes harder to even know in a nutshell what is or isn't good for you. Well luckily I feel physically mentally and spiritually great cause in all aspects I know exactly what is good for me. And I'd be lying if I said the contribution of happiness my boyfriends presents in my life brings isn't one of em I'm all about what's good for me @ this point in my life & have no understanding nor to much time for most who don't get that. I've had weird comments like how do you know this or that is good for you. Well privately it's an individual matter, But on the training even my condition going in a great direction is uplifting. Also I fit nicely in my fav. looks and I'll go a little bit more into that and not weighing yourself to much on the next flow on this peace tomorrow. I already said it before trying to get fit from a negative pace is really hard to maintain so again. Don't give up on life in order to physically get fit. embrace it. Thats what integrating your fitness in your life is. Don't make only your fines a priority when everything else is falling apart in your life, cause in that case the training is more like crutches not like a foundation to an all-round happy feeling that one needs to lose weight without mojo effect! 

By the way I ate a bunch of them I got on the road yesterday as I was preparing to start writing today. Don't forget head & heart is every 2 weeks and that the two weeks in a row was only a one time thing when I was in the Netherlands. It's a make up free sunday and I have taken in enough rest today. enjoyed myself with stuff I want to eat that aren't only out of my workout box of foods. Sometimes it's good to take a day off to throw of the body from a new routine it's getting use to if you keep it up each day. That routine should be shaken up from time to time. Hey I'll be leaving ya'll now. I'll see what images load faster tommorow. and add some more. This is me now on Head & heart matters.