Even if currently just around the house, I can only ware and feel good in these short tops as I'm rocking one here on my selfie with my wide relaxing pants. The stomach is toned and back in it's place not to bulky just wright, soft in the wright places and toned down.The goal was reached!

Well prior to getting the land and actually starting with working over 15 ours a day in the heat of the gh sun, I was still in Tema and send lots of time working out walking much riding bike etc etc. But it is save to say that without much stress I lost the overweight and went back to my desired weight and sinse then the strickt date got replaced by a simple and healthy life style where I got out certain foods of my menu when I'm not moving as much as I did then and there. I feel fab... and as my mirror states I look delicious in a way I self desire, so in a nutshell what more does a girl want. I'm on my dream project in gh. The music studio and lodges are coming more into reality now and I'm in a very healthy and loving relationship with a wonderful man. So in this same breath I must say the internet dating won the challenge over the tiresome waste of time combing thru man who simply don't know who they are yet or what they want in life, on the contrary I cut thru all that bullshit and the glow on my face currently says it all. 

On love well I'm currently not really in the mood to go to deep in topic about my relationship, surely also cause in the past sadly though I feel openly phrasing ones relationship shouldn't damage it, past situations only have shown me that the negative effect of openly even just complimenting on the matter leads to unwanted negative results internal. aLL i know is the last weeks as I was in Ghana I couldn't have done it all without the constant metal support of my current boyfriend who lives in Hamburg. We have been communicating almost every day sinse the day we met and his mental support always kept my two feet firmly on the ground even as matters got tuff when I first went to Gh and things weren't going my way. A secure man that doesn't waver is the pillar that holds a strong force in place, Reason why I am not fond of the idea of relationships inside Gh, It seems like this type of stand by your man .. stand by your woman attitude isn't correctly installed in the system. And for me haven grown up in Europe it comes natural. each day we talked for the last three months I looked forward to seeing him more till I eventually returned to Germany and we did spend several wonderful days together. I think at our age going towards 40 and over people have strong personalities of their own and when single prior an own life rhythm we step to, for example my food or date, what if I met a man who only eats mc Donald's, spending time with such a man would totally turn me of. But it's not just food it's everything life rhythm all-round and with  my current boyfriend though we don't live in the same city we share allot of the same Rhythms which was clear to us when we started dating online till we met. It clears all out of the way when you get to talk about the things that matter to each other and then meeting is just about meeting but the heart basically has already decided, love is not only in the heart it's in the head and in the every day life and the goals and future plans we have for our lives. And if you ask me if I see a future here. No comment but I surely hope so and I'm committed. My head & heart say let's go for it, so momentarily i'm chilled as ever, balanced we don't fight much we talk, it's a smooth ride of love soothing to my age and stage in life. Where it's about happiness and doing the wright things for me and my life, not about wasting time on all the wrong things that don't lead anywhere eventually.

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