Latest design mommy&me / Double sided coats.

I initially designed this wide coat cause I simply love wide cuts that, fall in an unpredictable manner & I always have loved such cuts. All the way dating back to my first designs for others beside myself in 2006 I've experimented with wide round cuts that flatter the woman with a flair for unique elegance posture.During my pregnancy though I noticed this coat made each comfortable pregnancy pants &  outfit I wore underneath, my coat, look so much more elegant which made me decided to base my entire line on it, to make other pregnant woman and mommies as happy as I am with the renamed mommy & baby called mommy&me line I'm currently working on. Mainly the clothes I'm designing have loads of color, sometimes African prints are featured in them. I'm doing mommy coats with plenty room for infant in a body carrier  bag, despite that the coat looks beautiful on it's own. The new purpose to me is just a welcome cherry on top  and I hope to make other woman as happy with this line I'm creating, as I am and have been during my pregnancy. Apart from the mommy looks and designing baby coats as well for partner look which I love.