Last time we traveled we have achieved more and slowly  I we are starting to believe we can be done in the time frame we planned, at least lets say there is end in site of the building process!

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L.A IN GHANA DEC. 2015 - JAN. 2016

Last time in Ghana we made much progress building on the alpha loft, lodges, atelier & more. The further we get now… from the time we got the land… till all we have achieved in just almost a year since the land was acquired in 2015 "now 2016" the more amazed I am in the ability to achieve something big, if only the will and drive is there. It feels so long ago but it must be the fast pace in which we are building. The last time we visited Ghana for building progress was for some weeks in december 2015 I flew over with my boyfriend which you can see in the images. who was a great support and help. Next time we flying down will be 2016 keep tuning in for exact dates. As we plan to go down each year till the entire project is finished and we can actually start with production on the compound icl. all other business& creative ventures we plan to do their upon completion. .




From the beginning what was meant to be just a trip down to pay for a land that was already agreed on became something else as I got down weeks past and without going into further details the 5 weeks I booked where over and I just had received the indentures and papers for the land. Yes this might all seem like I'm jumping in in the middle but on other pieces you might be able to piece together that this all has been a process of two years looking for the perfect spot to be your host in Gh Africa, as in be my guest literally. I don't want to go into to much details about the concept but I have a clear vision of the direction this project is going in. And after the first half went much faster building then I anticipated with my own 100% hands on approach in 3 weeks, I know now it's just a matter of time money and the same effort for me to finish this project on the service. So wright now I'm back in Germany.

As I was working on the fense door on a sunny sunday morning I asked my sister to lay down the foundation of the security room as you can see here the fense had not yet been build and the room had not yet been build amongst allot of other things that came to be in just 3 weeks I extended to the 5 weeks prior. This is not a project I've giving order to have build for me. No I personally love creating , being the brain behind this project and going the journey is as much as part of what I love about it as everything else. I have never been interested in letting creative work being taken out of my hands cause I simply believe we all got born with a brain and an own natural flow and ideas  & visions of how those ideas are best visualised. And specially when it comes to something so elementary as a living space who else can say best what i'll like then me myself. 


July 4, 2015

As we drive from Kokrobite back to Tema..... After a long day...its been allot of walking. We are moving forward in all directions. There is allot to do but for now we are here. I'm blogging from the phone so rest later. WHEN I'M IN THE LAB.

Reposting this post here on where@ before I get to head & heart this week cause initially this is where I wanted it to be posted, Yet oddly enough  this is the one blog link that doesn't show up on my phone app with which I can refresh this blog. Allot is going on wright now on the entire land matters. Some mistakes have been made by my sales man and they are doing their best to compensate me for the trouble. Don't want to go into any deeper detail here on record until all matters have been posetively  resolved! Else I'm still @ happy privately though separated these weeks from my boyfriend that doesn't seem to get in-between our good chemistry and connection, so naturally it's where i'm at even as I GO THRU ALL THESE PROCESSES DOWN HERE IN gH it's all very demanding and more work then it seems. So let's not loose more words on it. till there is more to say. Images of me in kokrobite on land matters with the ppl managing all dat and my guests witnesses. Yesterday when I posted the entry I was sitting in the trotro.


So yes Arrived in Gh since two days concerning land matters. Here for 5 weeks and the intention was simple, pay for a land of which a contract has already been made and signed. then next step do some small structure. But as History has it there is a reason why Africa remains a third world country despite great efforts of people like me poring our love and time into pulling more attention towards this place. Long story short we arrived and Frankly It all has been stressful so far so for me it's the last drop of what I have to offer this place. As we all grow older in life we think of legacy and as I think of mine I know I'm of more then one world since despite that I was born here I grew up in Europe and these last two years have been an adventure for me. An adventure with good and bad sides. But what ever remains of it all. One thing I've learned well These two past years, How to get out of my comfort zone. So what happened with KLM below and more pics, yes wife is a bit unpredictable here but we on it. 

So what exactly prompted this nice image with these lovely ladies from the KLM well long story short as I left the first plane that flew from Berlin to Amsterdam, I for forgot my macbook retina on the first flight. It was in my hand luggage trolly and I took it out for a little work " watching movies" and preparing this piece on board. But as the time came for landing "I'll get to the story how soon" I left my mac retina on one flight and walked over like 20 halls and gates further to the next flight from Amsterdam to accra. And as I got on board there and looked in the side bag of my trolly to take the mac out again before putting my luggage away the baggage department I realised it was gone and it made click in my mind suddenly I remembered exactly where and how and the process of how I forgot it on the other plane. Luckily though I was flying business class this day and the Attendents were already there so I was totally panicked and began to tell them what had happened and that I need my mac back To go the Ghana,cos I need it to work and also entertain myself hallo,  they said well they'd try but couldn't delay an entire flight for me and it was short before take off. Well luckely after all of them putting in allot of effort making calls to the terminal where the other plane was to try to get it back, despite the fact that the plane had already  been cleaned by a cleaning service.  But this is why I fly with KLM they are a very trustworthy Line and I was maybe a bit to comfortable. Thanks KLM really I don't know what I would have done if your sherlock program wasn't so on point. Trust between customer and Service makes the world of difference I always say this but many don't get it. Sure you pay a bit more for KLM but when something Like this happens it's all in perspective and I know it's worth it. Other then the great service friendliness and better airline food and entertainment this incident had made me an even bigger KLM lover then I already was prior. 

 So after my mac book was found, retrieved & returned,  to me, I had a wonderful flight with great service allot of food. When I Arrived my family picked me up and on land matters later more. I'll see what is to tell after all not everybody is KLM. But in case what trustworthy behaviour is in business this was a clear example this is the type of behaviour I trust, an over 3000 euro mac and they return it without a scratch. Keeping  your word and matters like this show me the type of world I want to live in. So In the end I exchanged  email,  with my new work related friends and we made a deal that if they ever want to visit Berlin or my resort In korobite they are welcome.

So after arriving I been fit, got a new bike for staying fit was walking allot and visiting Family etc. Just all the things that had to be done, Haven't slept much. But It's sort of still 5 weeks left to catch up on that!


The day I left Netherlands I knew I was going to have only a couple of days left to prepare to take off for gh. And that I'd have to use most that time to rest which was the main reason I was so intense in the Netherlands but the body needs rest before the 4 week intensiveness in Gh starts. Well I reached Berlin and had a million and one things to do why resting was limited. and then Honestly my new romance has kind of taken me by surprise and though I haven't hit's not assif an architect is gonna live there when it's done, I mean take the Appartment I live in in berlin it has allot of space I feel should have been build different, only difference I can't tare down those walls and build it how I see. fit. So do you really think that if I get the chance to do that in any place i'll give the most fun part of it out of my hand...NO! In light of land matters  I have  allot to be happy about and at the same time ...

Walking daddel the last day was really hard, I held this dog as a baby and raised it till it grew day in day out it was just the two of us for years. When I arrived in Holland where he has been the last two years with my mom and little brother and family who all care for him, I though he would not recognise me as I've been off in Ghana searching for land etc. It nearly made me cry the way he came smelled me and then the next 7 days wouldn't leave my side again. He also started doing something he did as a baby, always laying in front of the outside door when I woke up in the morning to make sure Nobody incl. me would leave the house without him knowing, I'm sure I raised him to be smart but he is a bit to smart. But in all honesty it brakes my heart when I think of spending more time without Daddel.


Currently I'm in Rotterdam, longs story short traveled from gh to take a 45 day brake from african climate & different world and decided to visits the Netherlands for a week, the place I grew up & My mom and many family members live as well. There is so much to say about this short trip but to be honest that's going to gonna have to continue at a later time in point. today is time out as I have been working out allot and have much to do tommorow which is sunday on head & heart matters, which needs preparing and a good sound mind body spirit & soul.






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ON 26.06.2015

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So  as we sit in the car on the way in accra then from where we'll head for kokrobite I'm updating what's up on latest developments. First thing concerning plot etc. search ... Well I'm not searching as such but let's just say I'm on it still seriously! As for those who know my current outfit here in the car today on nov. 3th 2014 is a piece of Alphabetix 2008 collection .... Covering the old.... N the new wld be the bright orange blue and white jacket I'm rocking on the images below in tema comm.1 as I interview my mom and dad shortly before my moms departure after a long visit, visiting my residence over here. What else is going on... Stay postet!


Oh.... And who we is.....weeeeeelllllll that's for me to know and for you to wish you did.


New jacket.