First off to all bubble speakers who love to include me to their species on earth … I kindly decline the offer and so I dive wright into the facts and inform the rest of my fans that, the Journey to karma loop as a project itself as the journey itself is still on. till “open end”, but as far as the included releases go, all those have been cancelled permanently! That doesn’t mean that I’m no longer doing music or writing It simply means that I have no interest in sharing what I will be releasing ahead of time so all idiots can copy that by the time I get there in a way that is rather insulting to the project then up lifting. And I personally don’t like to be predictable. Again all planned releases are cancelled for the simple sake of my life quality and creative flow and energy to go in a free direction. No apologies cos I  don’t apologise for my life choices and as I see it I make the choices so am I free to change them as I please. And who ever has an issue with that can suck it! 

The Story to Kokrobite the next place the Journey has been leading me: As I arrived at the door with my sister and cousin she was surprised she hadn’t yet been to this place that I had kept from her for almost a week, while going back and forth. Coming to this place Kokrobite then back to Tema she wondered what was going on as I had told her I’d surprise here the days before knowing what I had in mind. Yes I had taken the final step that this was going to be the place where I was to build my further residential and commercial habitat at the sea front or maybe a bit back. Several negotiations for this venture had gone on already but so far I’d not yet 100 % come to the final point of purchase do to different reasons & location flaws, I do not wish to go into those now though. 

But the journey for land had already started previously in other places. But without satisfaction, after all that lots of time passing & energy wasted in pursuit, one morning I woke up and said.. well what is meant to be will be, so I took my phone and checked on the map of Ghana along the coastline, and though I had never been there before and at this point didn’t know the endless beauty Of Nature and people that  I ‘d come to meet here I set out to drive to this place Kokrobite. 

And that was it. After a week of looking at land I did some online enquiries and found a room to rent additionally to my residence in Tema & other places . Me knowing I was now sure this be the place of destination where  I’d be staying and building, I knew a move would be needed to insure a steady pace of work ones it starts. And also to get to know the locals as a new part time local myself in order to better get along during this process. 

So on this morning in the first weekend spend in Kokrobite I decided we’d have a treat on the beach eating fresh local fish cot out of the sea plus mokko and kenke. So this is the process you see on the pictures bellow. As the food was getting prepared I decided we shoot some nice pictures of the enjoyment that morning before the days work started for me. Me and my sis enjoyed ourselves as you can see and now it’s on to some hard work for the next years stay tuned on the Journey and what’s up next. Also more about kokrobite the town  and history itself bout me and the artist here a community mainly of rastas one would say faith had a hand in this, when looking back on my history concerning the radical change in direction after many years of working for record companies  before  & then suddenly independent videos such as Konträr tracks such as sinner, bra & “who can I trust” send a sense of direction that artistically also best find a place of resignation from such a place as here as I now move into another faze of my life & music moves with me, breathing in new inspiration, not only for my future construction but as well new influences to my music and artistic direction music fashion & lifestyle writing etc. They say a picture can speak thousand words and they do enjoy  mine… the pics and the thousand words they say that is ;-) .

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