July 4, 2015

As we drive from Kokrobite back to Tema..... After a long day...its been allot of walking. We are moving forward in all directions. There is allot to do but for now we are here. I'm blogging from the phone so rest later. WHEN I'M IN THE LAB.

Reposting this post here on where@ before I get to head & heart this week cause initially this is where I wanted it to be posted, Yet oddly enough  this is the one blog link that doesn't show up on my phone app with which I can refresh this blog. Allot is going on wright now on the entire land matters. Some mistakes have been made by my sales man and they are doing their best to compensate me for the trouble. Don't want to go into any deeper detail here on record until all matters have been posetively  resolved! Else I'm still @ happy privately though separated these weeks from my boyfriend that doesn't seem to get in-between our good chemistry and connection, so naturally it's where i'm at even as I GO THRU ALL THESE PROCESSES DOWN HERE IN gH it's all very demanding and more work then it seems. So let's not loose more words on it. till there is more to say. Images of me in kokrobite on land matters with the ppl managing all dat and my guests witnesses. Yesterday when I posted the entry I was sitting in the trotro.