From the beginning what was meant to be just a trip down to pay for a land that was already agreed on became something else as I got down weeks past and without going into further details the 5 weeks I booked where over and I just had received the indentures and papers for the land. Yes this might all seem like I'm jumping in in the middle but on other pieces you might be able to piece together that this all has been a process of two years looking for the perfect spot to be your host in Gh Africa, as in be my guest literally. I don't want to go into to much details about the concept but I have a clear vision of the direction this project is going in. And after the first half went much faster building then I anticipated with my own 100% hands on approach in 3 weeks, I know now it's just a matter of time money and the same effort for me to finish this project on the service. So wright now I'm back in Germany.

As I was working on the fense door on a sunny sunday morning I asked my sister to lay down the foundation of the security room as you can see here the fense had not yet been build and the room had not yet been build amongst allot of other things that came to be in just 3 weeks I extended to the 5 weeks prior. This is not a project I've giving order to have build for me. No I personally love creating , being the brain behind this project and going the journey is as much as part of what I love about it as everything else. I have never been interested in letting creative work being taken out of my hands cause I simply believe we all got born with a brain and an own natural flow and ideas  & visions of how those ideas are best visualised. And specially when it comes to something so elementary as a living space who else can say best what i'll like then me myself.