L.A IN GHANA DEC. 2015 - JAN. 2016

Last time in Ghana we made much progress building on the alpha loft, lodges, atelier & more. The further we get now… from the time we got the land… till all we have achieved in just almost a year since the land was acquired in 2015 "now 2016" the more amazed I am in the ability to achieve something big, if only the will and drive is there. It feels so long ago but it must be the fast pace in which we are building. The last time we visited Ghana for building progress was for some weeks in december 2015 I flew over with my boyfriend which you can see in the images. who was a great support and help. Next time we flying down will be 2016 keep tuning in for exact dates. As we plan to go down each year till the entire project is finished and we can actually start with production on the compound icl. all other business& creative ventures we plan to do their upon completion. .