The style direction of missalpha the dj is not only meant as the style for my sets, but also for my own artistical music direction in new future songs! But I have no interest in doing self made videos like below in sinner for my complete recorded music ever again, stuff like that I only do to share music its not marketing and ever idiot that has ever been on the net should know the difference between a real music video, or a track sharing video for fun. where I take a camera shoot all by myself then edit alljust to share a song for fun. I simple don't want to do music that way a paying label, and should I not find a team & label to work with on my material then my choice is to simply never seriously release & put music out again. very simple no big deal.

Cause in that case I am better of as a songwriter writing music for others only & getting payed for that, only artists who are on labels only. I don't work with unsigned artist so pls. don't contact me based on this requesting songs if you are unsigned I have no interest to work with amateurs period nor to work with no or to low budget all that bullshit simply don't interest me. I made it clear more then ones but many don't wanna understand and keep twisting what I made clear day and night thats why I have no choice but to make that so clear again here ! This is also the reason I took most of my self made videos online offline, they don't represent the full picture I have as an artist  of myself, as no budget was put into those! I don't want to work without label & team, but I definitely don't need a fucking amateur team instead cos that is even worse! Personally yes I love designing and making pictures and shooting videos and all that, but it is not possible to do live shows and be on point with all that and at the same time be in the editing studio by yourself cutting every last detail. On my first music video ever I surely directed the video and in the end i had the last say after the raw material was cut, for 3 days I went in on the last days and added and had stuff removed. Directing and managing my career yea that comes natural to me, but being the only hands on deck for a million detailed jobs normally a million different ppl should do that's bullshit! And when i work with amateurs that i start training to become pro which i've  done a million times in the past, as soon as I get a little bit tuff on them as i should be they run and say then do it yourself, so I do, I' not interested to ever direct an amateur again to try building my own company, cos if i'm doing all the work in the end that is only stress not help! I prefer directing pros who know the basics and need the inspiration from me to create something larger then life and as we grow together they feed of my skills and I of theirs. They also understand basic things and don't need more tiffanies from me to get it. that's the point many don't get, I can only manage an amateur so far, but some1 with the correct skills makes the difference between my product being professional or just looking bad in thy end, And it's not fun poring out my heart creating and then getting sloppy work or nun at all cos I alone don't have a million hands plus each day only has 24 ours even if really slow people don't know what that means. In Ghana I already worked with different production companies, and in the future when my music is all recorded there I will work with some of them on visual material. The plan is then to pitch my music in the uk. And this slow process might even take two years or three, I'm not in a hurry I just don't want to waste my time putting out allot, which has no reach cos no street team is on it. Sure I had a team, And bad managing partners who expected me to manage and create at the same time 24 ours a day. And i don't mean just delegating .... ono they wanted me to literally be hands on deck at each place all the time. thats not how a team works when it really works you don't need my hands or presents there to do your job, a simple order what i want shed do! Thats the kind of team i'm TALKING ABOUT. 

currently in 2015 as is been made clear missalpha is not putting out new music which has been stated clearly that because I have made a clear cut and made a very definite choice that I simply will not put out any music if I have to work with amateurs! I have no interest what so ever to create video material or else with amateurs and will only proceed putting out music when I have correct representation and a team that takes care of all my artistic needs and promo material ones my music is recorded! For slooooooowwww people that means don't get on this page thinking that self made videos by missalpha of her home cam or phone cam that are made out of kindness to share anything at all with appreciative fans, is the style cos it ain't! Those are just like putting out a track to a picture! Nothing more! If you look at material like sinner gh you already see allot of good stuff, but never the less this is also a video shot conceptualised & edited by Anna A. Reynolds alone aka Missalpha. And no matter how good the work is its my choice to only proceed putting music out from now on on a paying label! 

YES If you google me as Anna Reynolds,( the name I went by from 1995 till 2008) before missalpha dj missalpha aka...you can find allot of this kind of things on the net, music I released on previous team label independent in 2008, but you sadly can't find most of this music in stores anymore, do to exactly the type of bad and careless management I'm talking about. You can only find the music above in itunes stores on the net cos those iTunes stores are owned by me personally. That is what my fans don't know. They don't know the internal things that go on, they only know what they see on the net, But fact is If I waste time working with people who aren't devoted like little wayne or other teams, all music I put out and work hard for to promote like I did with these in 2008, Will eventually disappear when the non professional people I worked with decide to take it down just cause, they decided to take down my itunes amazon & other online shops which at the time was controlled by them not me.

And y'all ain't that stupid so ya must know, online music stores are like any other account you create, like y'all are on fb, so u know, the one that creates the account is the one it belongs to or atlas the one that has access to it, problem with that is when those people receive my money and hide it and don't promote my music with that as was the deal and was suppose to be , why the fuck should I keep working. Its simple they created the account with me as a company, the deal was I make music we make a company from which we pay our supporting teams and our promotion from, they didn't keep their end of the bargain nor promoted my music properly, with my money...... see how that works " soon   "thy end" of that  independent company!!!  Y'all get it now, its simple actually! BUT THAT'S NOT MY FAULT NOR MY DOING.And that was then so in 2010 after all that bullshit I opened my own online store which contains my own produced & recorded music above!  That store online that they opened which contained android girl sinner etc etc. doesn't exist anymore in open space, Thats not my doing.. So maybe now you get my fucking point why I never want to work with amateurs again. Cos If I release music with professionals Who understand that making money with music is an ever ongoing circle & process, where you don't suddenly take down created online stores just cause,  then the buzz grows. But like this it was more one step forward 3 steps back for me and i don't fucking need that WTF IS THAT????