Since we’ve been back in Europe I’m working on new pieces for the 2017 new pieces line. As much as I’M EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO ONE DAY INCLUDE AND INRITCH THE lives of these kids in Africa with this project we are working on. Currently I’m busy to assure I have a market to produce for (cause without that the project will have no purpose) when the time has come. So first things first as I’m handling my business on this side of the world till the next time we travel back to Africa.  

These pieces in store currently are all double sided coats. You can ware the plane side on the outside as well as the african print. And should you be into political messages?… with these coats weather you ware it undercover just for the innovative style or on thy outside your statement is loud and clear and simple “against racism”. Because African print is limited in bundle very often, most pieces are available in single unit or very limited editions. The editions will be in store first 2017 but for now for pre order just go to the mail bellow. Till then we will also be showing up in some places with items to test the crowd. When and where stay tuned, ones we got dates and location I’ll inform you here.

Anna A. ReynoldsComment