First things first. everything is getting toned down 2016, So is the name as well. Apart from the exsplosive fashion designs & styling looks of the past 2017 collection, despite it's roots of my personal style "urban tribal" now a bit more minimalistic... less is more without losing the infamous signature "my looks are known for". Concerning the name less being more is going from missalpha alphabetix & anna alpha betic to now  simply “ALPHA" by Anna A. Reynolds no ad ons in the future. Currently I'm in my work process for 2016-2017

The signature piece of this collection coming are the boxy trench coats which transport a personal message of mine whites story will be fully revealed when the collection is out. the outside of the coats have traditional and classic trench coat exterior but the interior of the coats are african prints single pieces of which there will be a full range and the message you transport secretly waring this coat is that you are against racism no matter where but specially in Europe this trench is a movement and you can ware in without having to flash the full range of busy african print on the outside just incognito on the inside of your trench you’ll be standing for something more then just good courageous fashion no matter who you are you will also be transporting a courageous message each time you rock this look!

In the past I’ve done a series of cuts and coats of a refined version of my personal style “urban tribal meets basic & multifunctional use” and in the next year I’m picking up exactly where I left off then. the next year 2017 I’m bringing a collection of coats & cuts that is inspired by my full circle... only this time I’ll keep the inspiration going ones this collection is done. My travels to Africa have been most productive concerning production & manufacture but without getting ahead of myself. Have a look at one of the new cuts above on the picture, which will be one of the new styles i’m coming with 2017as well as the boxy big pocket long trench coat with African print lining. Below here though... you can find one of my older designs the blue & green lined coat with integrated shall. More innovation is in the making of course not all will be featured here now but enjoy the pre-look of what’s to come.