Anna Reynolds Correction Anna Adonu-Reynolds aka dj / missalpha 

Recently as I was filling in some form and I was asked about my hobbies I realised That I have been an artist so long prior, for the most part of my life that I always, prior to this very moment always placed my love for music in this space. But over the years as more gifts and talents added to my roster and I was already struggling to describe the gifts talents and hobbies prior to be a round brand. I just realised things are always adding but nothing ever gets put in the background. Later I realised that this fact was do to the fact that even as a writer I’m always cut between what is expected of me by all those who already know me & what it is I now am breaking into and which direction I want to head in as I grow with time as an allround artist entertainer la la and most importantly writer, . Then I realised the one element that always guides me no matter what I do “writing”. See writing is and has always been my voice though I’m a well trained artist & singer composer, back then and now when I do music,  writing my own music gave me the voice to express myself and a message, yet as I grow, writing music alone isn’t my greatest passion anymore.

Sure I love melodies no doubt & the creating of them in combination with electronic or instrumental sounds it's a magical journey such a gift and ones touched by it it hardly lets one go in this life.  But  I love stories allot, the reading watching as well as creating scrips, columns, movies -tv shows, fashion & I care a great deal about my health & lifestyle & so so much more things that come to mind but now not to paper this very moment.  

All and more combined is just a whole lot of me. Now I’m  not someone who likes to live in the past. Nor am I someone who gets to everything instantly so at times it might seem  as the direction I’m heading towards here, is unclear but that isn’t the case. I just only have two hands to film and take pictures make up concepts write etc. etc. & mainly ding all myself including a full & rich not online but offline life next to all this. A rich life which also naturally inspires me on new material to write about & imagine all the ours it takes to actually read a book or watch a movie, to cut it short you get the picture it's allot for one person. And I mainly conceptualise snap pics movies and edit myself to my written pieces. So it just all takes some time to come together on paper then on blog then published.

 It takes some time either before I can add all elements that eventually grow as time moves. For instance music is a split between German & English lyrics now yet I don’t have the time to get to neither and blog about it. Simply cause I have other things to do as well as other interest to blog about currently that also need my attention. So  I'd say everything in do time and it’s up to you to comb thru which aspect of me & this blog you enjoy most. But as we move along, Today I’m adding a new chapter which is two in one actually an entry called ME SCRIPT M&M & LOOKGOODONME which is about my alter Ego and what it does with fashion as well as with characters of movies or tv shows.

See I’m the type of person who has always used fashion as an artist to create & express an alter ego which is better looking hot and great at everything just a superwoman & oddly enough when in the studio that's exactly what i become a voice with no boundaries to style and genre. An alter Ego that simply shines in the spot light. so apart from dipping in the past a bit so you can get to know me better now in 2015 I’m also going to share my looks that look good on me not just elegant styles but also sports ware or simply home ware even simply stuff that looks good on me in general. And from that maybe you can take personal notes to apply to your own sense of imagination of how your alter Ego and best you should look like. Maybe even like me who knows.

See everybody has their own body type, and though many in my family do fashion, most of them have never really wanted to admit that the things they do as is the case with most fashion designers in this world, basically only is for their body type mainly. For instance if you have no boobs unlike me a double breasted vest over a certain buttoned up shirt looks clean but if I ware it which i also advice my mom not to ware stuff like that, it simply doesn't look as sophisticated. Not that people with bigger breasts don't have Fashion that looks sophisticated on them we do it's just simple not exactly the same things someone without breast would look good in. But enough about details here and more in the piece itself later.  

As I started with my own fashion around 2006  I REALISED VERY FAST  what fashion for me was about it was about putting my own stamp on everything I love to ware and looks good on me and making a life style out of it. And soon I realised many loved that same look so I started to sell pieces of mine.  I now no longer do that but intend to do more of my triangle and other stuff ones I'm better settled in Kokrobite Ghana, in my lodge spot where a shop will be opened for this special beach ware I love to design & love the lifestyle of.  But I’m still very much so into what looks good on me despite that I'm now to occupied with architecture & construction plans to  even be able to concentrate on fashion with the full attention it needs to be great. 

The other aspect of the alter Ego all comes together as a good script movie and tv show lover I always apply the role of certain characters of movies to myself in a funny way or contemplate them to my own way of thinking and my own life like “what would I have done in that same situation” those are some deep life lessons to be taken from my movie tv show alter ego comparisons. So I wanna mix that all up, one time or thy other write and post about one or thy other on this link and together that is  ME SCRIPT M&M STANDING FOR MUSIC & MOVIES TV SHOWS  / WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE OR DO IN SAME SITUATION AS THOSE CHARACTERS TYPE OF REVIEWS IN MY OWN REWRITE SCRIPT & WHAT LOOKS GOOD ON ME IN DIFFERENT CONTEXT FROM ELEGANT TO SPORT & FREE TIME WARE AND FROM TIME TO TIME ADD MY OWN SHORT SCRIPT ON LIFE AND SITUATION PUT IN A STORY. AS SCRIPT WRITING IS A DIRECTION I WANT TO SERIOUSLY PERSEW IN WRITING THIS WILL BE A GOOD OUTLET TO KEEP BUSY WITH IT TILL I'M FULLY WHERE I WANNA BE WITH IT.