My own music as recording artist & songwriter 

A little about me, current & past.


Beyond 2018

2017 I gave birth to my daughter at the age of 38. Though music and the creating of it has been my first love since the time I started at age 14, knowing there is more to life after my last releases 2011 I decided to take some time off from all of it. Music the life it brings and the every day process in the studio or on the road I had grown accustom to for many years since I was a teenager. In that rime I've lived in Ghana where I was both in 1979 visiting my roots, started projects there. Returned to Europe while still proceeding with those project and started my family. Returning back to music doesn't have an expire date. But my Family is important to me so now it's about balancing all.


Recording artist & Songwriter 

For the last 8 years I've taken some needed time off to focus on creating my own family. As a recording artist the work required is nothing like the craft needed as a songwriter. In fact it is not easy to create a page in which an artist possessing both talents showcases there material in a way where it works. But as an artist who hasn't  released any music for some time, this page is to showcase all the aspects of what I do best from all angels, as music is my home in where I started as an artist & will continue when the time is wright I want to share some highlights of work I've done over the years in this direction. It's to much to share all the details of the much different work I done over a course of many years in the music industry, so Im just placing some videos of released material to give a little impression of my capabilities for future partners to look at  and listen to.


John Dominga

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Janice Horvat

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John Nowak

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